Community Awareness for the Plight of the Cedar Creek Watershed

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Matthews, Ruth
Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology
Water is a limited and valuable commodity. As a global community we can no longer treat water as an endlessly replenishable resource. The need for potable water has never been greater in Darthis history. Our continuance as a species may well be linked to our ability to maintain the Earth’s water quality. Watersheds across the United States are being inundated with sediment, biological and chemical contaminants. Changing our approach to how perceive and manage each watershed to a one community at a time method may be the impetus needed to evoke transformation. The community watershed outreach program described in this work was developed to help individual communities alter the way they are collectively treating their watersheds. This program outlines a multi-faceted approach of media, activities and contests to maximize successful change. Through understanding and connection communities will better understand, appreciate and care for their individual watersheds ultimately improving water quality world wide.