A Music Therapy Trauma-Informed Care Treatment Manual for the Forensic Mental Health Setting

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Smith, Amy
Master of Arts in Music Therapy
The growing awareness of the potential impact of traumatic experiences has increased throughout health care facilities across the United States in recent years (Maul, 2017; Tello, 2019). Research has shown the effectiveness of using trauma-informed care interventions when working with the forensic mental health population across many allied health professions (Carr et al., 2012; MacIntosh, 2003; Sajnani, 2019; Sutton, 2002). As this recognition has led to an increase in research, it has also highlighted a gap within the field of music therapy. Those working within forensic mental health settings face the complexities of trauma permeating throughout their work. This project was developed to serve as a guide to effective interventions music therapists can use when working in forensic mental health settings. A 14-week music therapy session plan includes psychoeducational components about trauma and skills that are imperative for group members to develop in order to navigate life.