A Teacher Handbook for Grade 7

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Siemer, Ann
Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology
The designing and planning of a teacher handbook for the Seventh Grade catechists of the religious education program at St. Francis Assisi Parish in Teutopolis, Illinois, is a response to a significant pastoral need of having a serviceable means available to the catechists--a means which will quickly and easily acquaint them with the year's perspective of their grade's goals, objectives, and activities. I propose that such a specificallydesigned handbook will be the means of answering this pastoral need. The handbook, if used well, is intended to adequately form, inform, educate, and professionally equip each teacher with the tools necessary in their roles as catechists and, as a result, will help them project a sense of confidence, courage, and preparedness in fulfilling their roles as parish ministers of the Good News.