The Impact of Professional Training on Leadership Development in the Catholic Religious Organizations/Institutions - A Study of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, USA, and Taipei, Taiwan, Training on Leadership Development.

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Kang, Hwei-Ru Teresa
Master of Leadership Development
The Catholic Religious Organizations/Institutions play a significant role in society, reliant on effective leadership to fulfill their missions and goals. These organizations encompass a vast network of parishes, schools, and affiliated institutions, serving as vital hubs for spiritual guidance, education, and community support. Within this complex web of religious service, leadership assumes a unique character, blending spiritual guidance, ethical principles, and the skills necessary for effective organizational management. However, a substantial challenge arises as many leaders within these institutions lack the necessary professional training and knowledge to navigate the intricate web of organizational challenges and lead their teams effectively. This deficiency often creates barriers to effective decision-making, strategy execution, and overall organizational development. This research investigates the impact of professional training on leadership development within the context of Catholic Religious Organizations/Institutions, focusing on the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, USA, and Taipei, Taiwan. It seeks to understand how professional training influences leadership development and how this, in turn, affects job satisfaction among leaders within these organizations/institutions. The intricate relationship between professional training, leadership development, and organizational outcomes is paramount in ensuring the long-term growth and development of Catholic Religious Organizations/Institutions in today's ever-evolving world. Keywords: Catholic Leadership, Mission, Community, Management, Training, Decision-making Strategy execution, Development, Archdiocese, Job satisfaction.