The Bird's Nest Drawing: A Hermeneutic Phenomenological Inquiry

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Muttiah, Melissa
Master of Arts in Art Therapy
Drawing assessments that relied on creative expression instead of verbalization have been considered less threatening than traditional psychological surveys. This study investigated correlations between the Bird’s Nest Drawing (BND), the Bird’s Nest Sculpture (BNS), the bird’s nest story, the bird’s nest questionnaire, and the results of the Attachment to Mother scale (ATM) to determine the accuracy of these attachment assessments. Twelve college students were engaged in a mixed method study that used quantitative analysis of the ATM scores and hermeneutic phenomenological analysis of the BND, BNS, the bird’s nest story, and the bird’s nest questionnaire. This form of analysis was critical to understanding the original meanings behind the data collected. The study’s results indicated correlations between these assessments, and indicated that BND and BNS were effective tools to determining attachment schema.