Lectionary Catechesis in an Institution

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Miquel, Evee Marie
Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology
Fr. Robert (Bob) Tywoniak, Director of the Catholic Home for Children in the Diocese of Miami, made a request for a volunteer lay minister to establish a religious education program and liturgical service for the children sheltered at the home. There are no funds available for the program and the Director, who is a diocesan priest is the sole guide in spiritual matters for the children. However, Fr. Bob is overwhelmed with responsibilities in counseling and administration duties, as well as, serving as mediator for the Young Adults of the diocese and celebrating Sunday Mass at St. Anne's Mission for migrant farmers. However, he feels that the total person should be addressed in times of distress and is concerned for the spiritual nature of the children who are experiencing physical and psychological trauma. He says that the command of Jesus, "to suffer not the little children to come unto me," is a call to address this need. He hopes that a spiritual awakening and sowing of seeds of faith through liturgical experience and lectionary catechesis could be the process of responding to this pastoral concern.