Eight Week Leadership Training Program Wal-Mart, US, Test Market 268 in Chicago, Illinois

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Crispin, Frieda
Master of Leadership Development
Wal-Mart, US operates 4,663 stores with 187 being in Illinois (http://corporate.walmart.com/ourstory/locations#united-states/illinois). The Chicago-land Area is the one of the fastest growing urban markets for new development in Wal-Mart, US. Trying to break into the urban markets has been challenging for Wal-Mart, Us and as a result of that challenge, Walmart, had to implement a new growth strategy and change the way we view “traditional” stores. Wal-Mart, Us reached out our banner company, ASDA, which operates in the United Kingdom. ASDA successfully operates four prototypes: Asda Supercentre (comparable to our Supercent-er), Asda Superstore (comparable to our Division 1), Asda Living (comparable to our Neighborhood Market) and Asda Supermarket (comparable to our Express) (http://corporate.walmart.com/our-story/our-stores/united-kingdom-stores). When Region 25 (Chicago-land Area), first was challenged with developing a strategic plan for building, staffing, executing and maintaining the smaller formats in their urban market they were challenged by a quote from Steve Young which captured Sam Walton’s intense drive to always challenge ourselves as leaders, as an organization, as a store and as a member of our community to be better. “The principle is competing against yourself. It’s about selfimprovement, about being better than you were the day before” (Wal-Mart Stores, Inc, 2008, p. 71).