Aiding Catechists in the Ongoing Formation of Students Regarding the Sacrament of Reconciliation

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Herber, Marilyn
Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology
My plan is to work directly with the Saint Mark catechists of both school and parish religious education in an adult learning environment. Together we will raise the questions, compare our theologies, make connections, raise our awareness levels of what the Church is calling us to today and ultimately incorporate into our daily lives and our ministry what we have come to own. Our subject matter will be the themes already developed in the religion textbooks of the various grade levels that relate to the sacrament of reconciliation: God’s love and Church as community, primary grade material; the Ten Commandments and the seven sacraments dealt with in the middle grades; faith development and moral decision making, the focus of junior high. The activities will be offered as in service to new catechists who have not yet been certified, as well as to those whose certification needs updating.